Papers must to read for LLM-robotics-agent including prompting

Hi!, I’m doing research about LLM for robotics and agents.
I just summarized recent interesting papers as a table.
Please share your ideas!

Keywords: LLM / VLM / Prompt engineering / Reasoning / Robots / Agents / Planning / Reinforcement Learning


I think calling a list of ~100 papers a “summary” a little odd.

I’d perhaps say you aggregated some papers you found interesting into a series of tables?

Also, you’re missing some good papers, I don’t have time to give you a full list right now, but I’m your in-context learning second under Chain-of-Thought you might want to add,

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Thank you for your idea! You are right, I just listed some papers.
I will check the paper absolutely, looks very interesting.
Please share other papers when you have time.

We had a thread going here a while ago where some of us were posting some of the gems we’ve read and looked.

There may be some in there for you.


Thanks! This is definitely helpful for me.
I checked the thread already, there are many interesting papers.

I will add some papers to my repo from this thread.

Could you give me your thoughts on my repo when you have time?

I can try, I don’t know when I’ll have time to really dig in though. I have about 100 papers I need to read for my actual research piling up…

Edit: Another new LLM reasoning paper that came out recently which you might like…

I appreciate that. 100 is a lot of papers, good luck with your work.

I made new table on notion