Opinion on GPT's - Is this good for devs?

Not really understanding GPT’s

For those of us that have our own apps - why would we want to move to their ecosystem? We cant control how much we make. And they’re essentially prompts with logos. I’m not sure how they expect developers to see that as a good deal for releasing their products? And for instance why would I use the zapier GPT if I can just go to the tab over and use Zapier?

The GPT’s thing makes me feel like their unsure about how they’re really going forward. Poe already offers all of this.

Just seems like they’re isolating the people who are building with their software and just like that so many people get wiped out


I’m seeing GPTs as more of an enhanced ChatGPT/Plugin experience. What do you think?

And also a way for a non-programmer to create their own RAG. Directly in ChatGPT. So maybe this would takeaway dev marketshare for direct to consumer RAG products?

Moving into this ecosystem might be an opportunity for devs via the newly announced Revenue sharing (details sparse right now).

The analogous product for devs via API is the newly announced Assistants API


Based on what you just said and my understanding its like…

Bots at a certain layer of complexity would exist on the marketplace. But even then - for instance, as a developer you can use preprocessing - you can’t do preprocessing with their very limited model creation GUI. So even if a model is “simple” - you can invent different ways to make it less simple within your own environment not theirs.

I think it’s an attempt to corner the market and get rid of people without the technical knowledge to create something with different layers.

For instance, One of my products is a emotional help bot - someone could indeed now make a prompt that is as good or better than my prompt, and get better results without knowing how to program. But they can’t get the preprocessor I invented. So why would it benefit me to put my chat app on their eco-system? I can control my own pricing outside of their ecosystem and add my own sauce.

Another app im building I don’t think can be done in their ecosystem and is much harder to build so I feel safe on that one - but for my emotional help app I am feeling like they’re coming for my neck a bit.

And also just that they kept claiming everyone who niches down is safe in their ideas - and now that’s not necessarily true as they’re now trying to create their own ecosystem

I feel your pain. For your emo-help-app, I guess all it takes for the ChatGPT consumer is upload various self-help docs, and then start chatting with them.

Will they do this? Maybe, maybe not. It still takes effort to setup, and using your app might be easier.

But the other question you have to ask yourself is how do users discover your app?

If you had it in the marketplace, you might get a wider audience exposed to your app since it’s in the store.

But in general, it’s pretty clear to me that OAI wants to “democratize” AI. So, yes, devs will lose marketshare as it gets easier and easier for consumers to create their own products.

Basically foundation model builders just want more and more use of their models. And what OAI is doing is giving devs tools to create their specific apps and experiences, while having the consumer do this as well.

Basically the AI waterfalls are flowing in all directions! :ocean:


Hm, I thought you as a GPT creator will upload the documents - for example, stoic philosophy books in this example, and GPT would use this knowledge when chatting with users? Without any embeddings, vector database etc.

Obviously, this makes it even closer to the op’s neck.

Right, but the consumer CAN’T create an app as in depth as a real dev, so once again - why would I host a lesser version of a more advanced app on their marketplace?

For one product, I saw this coming a month ago though so I pivoted.

I agree the depth is limited. But the consumer will likely think it’s good enough, without seeing your value. I think that’s probably the real fear, right? That would be my fear at least.

I mean, they upload Wayne Dyer, or Jon Kabot-Zinn, or whatever, and start interacting away.

One thing I’m not sure of is how big their RAG actually gets. The API only allows 20 “files”. But not sure how big each file can be.

So to answer why you want a lesser version would just come down to revenue. Could you get 10x more revenue in the store for the lesser app? Is it cheaper to run? (So this factors into your profits).

I don’t know, just something to think about from a biz perspective.


Yeah those are all great points. Especially honestly this

Yeah. This right here actually sealed the deal. It has to be complex enough and fill a need to have value now.

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Hopefully it will reduce the number of simple API wrappers and reduce the noise in the market for developers with apps that add real value (At least that’s my hope)


It can also be that an API agent may(?) be runnable on ChatGPT (both directions)

So a emotional support bot can run only on ChatGPT, it would just be limited to being a text-adventure RPG.

While your application can take advantage of additional interactive features (like manipulating the map seen in the conference)

I think this is huge for devs. I love that professionals in all fields can now develop their own chatbots without all the programming overheads, and I love that I can extend the functionality with my programming skills.

We are moving rapidly towards highly interactive websites/applications. So the possibilities are endless with how GPTs can be integrated.

My real world example:

I LITERALLY just finished a niche calculator app. It makes API calls to make changes to a live database. It uses Google Vision API along with GPT-3.5 to read images, convert it to unstructured text, and then structure it as JSON for the calculator. (So a person can upload an image, or scribble their text).

I can now easily add a GPT which guides the user towards it all, and has this functionality built-in. I don’t need to connect the dots. I don’t need to maintain it everytime they update GPT, or Vision, or Dall-E. OpenAI is taking care of it for me.

Without any additional work I can let this GPT do everything that a user can do. Except the user can literally “talk” to it via voice, or by chatting. All of the features I already offer are now consolidated into a single chat service.


Or maybe we can use the GPT’s as models in our own apps. It would be like adding a bunch of fine tuned models that you can use (based on some sort of user pays/revenue share model)


Yes, I think this “democratization” effort will basically create a divide between developer apps, and consumer personal efforts.

BUT the big fear (as a developer at least) is that the consumer may not see your value, since they can get a “good enough” experience themselves.

So it almost puts devs more and more into the tough B2B space, and not consumer facing, unless their app is truly remarkable.

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I’m gonna be honest I didn’t really understand the example of your app but that sounds really cool

Yeah. I’m not the best at writing :sweat_smile:

I think the most valuable thing (I recall that you are a ReactJS dev as well) that we have is our ability to create powerful, interactive, highly dynamic & visual applications. That’s something that ChatGPT (the website platform) cannot do

Combining this with customized GPTs is HUGE for developers.


Me too I love losing revenue it’s my favorite thing.

fantastic point, might have to be the focus from here on out. I don’t know

ChatGPT is restricted to being a text-chat service is what I meant to say (kind of like a text-based RPG).

The conference video was perfect. Really. I don’t want want to use ChatGPT to plan a trip. That’s dumb. But I would LOVE to use a Kayak that has ChatGPT built-in to run the functions while I tell it what I want.

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Yeah that’s where my interest lies as well in audio and video. The limit is only your creativity.

I agree. Maybe that’s what they were going for, is to narrow the barrier of entry so AI isn’t just a get rich quick scheme for people that can just brand the best API wrapper, and there’s a lot of that.

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As we all sort of sit around clutching our pearls and wondering how theses announcements affect us as developers, can you imagine what’s going on at AWS, Anthropic, Google right now? Just by the price reduction alone of GPT-4, arguably the best LLM on the market, some of those guys recent efforts just got majorly nuked.

And honestly, at these low prices and with all these non-code capabilities, how many people are still going to be tempted by open-source models that require a bunch of install this and install that, not to mention base training, just to get to first base?

I think we just witnessed a seismic shift in this marketplace. I imagine the first of many to come.


Yeah this is just an insane ride, and by the time any of us start making any money UBI will kick in and AGI will render us all useless…

I say that tongue-in-cheek but I mean seriously, we’re all after a pot of gold that is just going to be replaced in itself when AGI seismically shifts the economy

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