OpenAPI Schema error: None of the provided servers is under the root origin

Hello, I am getting error:

“None of the provided servers is under the root origin
Server URL is not under the root origin; ignoring it”

when define server with port: servers: - url:

My flask app runs locally, maybe someone faced same? how to overcome this?

Hey @tomas.usinskas i’m going through the same issue, however in your case I think you should set up a reverse proxy with nginx so that your custom gpt can access it from outside as by defauld I think Chat gpt won’t access directly local api. Also make sure you have a domain name that points to the server where your flask is running

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Hey @tomas.usinskas just fixed mine and it’s working fine I finally used a simple yaml Schema and had to set up a secured flask app and a reverse proxy with nginx with a generated certificate to secure traffic as it seems that’s important for chat gpt and everything is working fine. let me know if you have questions. here are some screen shots…


yeah if you think about it, using as a server, means the GPT would try and send to its OWN local host. Like the OpenAI server that its currently on. So you’d have to pass it your IP, or a URL that resolves to your IP. In my experience it didn’t accept a straight IP address, it needs an https url


Same here when I tried with a public IP it did not accept so had to use an url pointing to my server