OpenAI X climate change hackathon

Join us November 12–13 for a virtual hackathon to explore how our current AI models can accelerate solutions to climate change. Learn from climate experts about the most pressing challenges, join a team through our Discord community, and push the boundaries of our language models to help address this global issue.

For this event, we’ve partnered with innovative non-profit organizations and startups (Climate Policy Radar, Evergrow, Greenwork, Open Earth Foundation, Project Regeneration) to share their expertise on the most pressing issues.

Ambitious developers, designers, entrepreneurs and students are encouraged to apply by October 28th at: OpenAI Hackathon for Climate Change


Where can we ask questions about the contest rules?

Hi there! I’m happy to help answer any questions here. Otherwise feel free to reach out to and we’ll get back to you.

Thank you, I got an answer via email.

Hi @nataliestaud Who is the best person to reach out to to explore climate x openai at the strategic level? I’m coleading the climate practice at a global design consultancy and would love to connect for your take on some concepting. Thanks!