OpenAI not responding in some cases - building an AI coach

Hi we are building an AI-powered coaching and upskilling product using OpenAI’s API GPT4, and our AI coach is not responding in some cases when a user types in something. Have you encountered that or do you how to fix this? Thanks!

Be tolerant of whatever the API (doesn’t) throw at you the first time. Example…

# Create a thread for the API call
api_thread = threading.Thread(target=classifier_api_call, args=(result, api_parameters))
api_thread.join(timeout=4)  # Set the timeout for the API call

if api_thread.is_alive():
    # If the API call is still running after the timeout, terminate it
    log_print("API call timeout, retrying...")
    api_thread.join(timeout=4)  # Retry with another timeout
    if api_thread.is_alive():

You can also be classy and watch the time between generator deltas when streaming to find a subscription failure.