OpenAI doesnt listen to my system prompt API and Playground

Hello, Im want to make a prompt where the ai generates a mail response with only the opening greetings and the body. I don’t want the closing of the mail.

I tried so many different things but I cant get it to listen. There are 2 outcomes.

1: I only get the body
2: I get the opening and closing included

Its even more strange to me that everyday the response is different. For example yesterday I had a prompt working perfectly but today its not.

Oke so I have 3 examples:

1 : I ask the AI to remove the closing and start from the mail and it works.

I can only upload 1 image so here is one image with 4 examples. I hope you can read it. You can connect the image to the number in the text.

2: Here I want to remove only the closing and it works but it also removes the opening so its not good. As well its working because i put etc. after it.

3: Here i removed etc. and its not working and as well adding the opening again.

4: These are just 3 examples i tried so many combinations even trying steps like this :

And many more variations. but it never works. I hope someone can help me finding a solution because i don’t know what to do anymore.

Hopefully this helps! I was able to get it to consistently provide just the greeting and the body using this format:

“Your job is to respond, formally, to the user’s message with a salutation or greeting and the body of your message, but with no sign-off (such as “best regards” or “yours truly”) at the end.

Follow this format strictly:


[Body of Message]”

Remember, always end your output immediately after the body of the email, and respond ONLY with the salutation and the body of the message.

Always respond to the user’s question in this format and in their style.”

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I am having a similar problem here, it does not follow my prompts.

Hey Jck, Thanks for you response! I tried it but its not always working for example I had this

As well as this one:

And this one

Just give the model a 3-shot example and be done with it.