OpenAI Codex and Robotics (Python + ROS)

Hi everyone. I wanted to test out OpenAI Codex for something a bit different. I wanted to see if OpenAI Codex can help us to program robots. I am a postdoctoral researcher doing some novel research in the filed of robotics and also I am a startup founder of one robotics company. Naturally I was interested to see if OpenAI Codex can be used to program collaborative robots. I made a video about it here:

In general it worked quite nicely and output the whole block of almost ready code that I can use to program robots. It seemed like it is some tutorial example code from the GitHub, but non the less it is really amazing that it can output all this by me only typing one line of instruction. It needed a bit of twigging but in general it worked. One really cool part was when definition of some function was missing form the first block of code that it generated, so I just type “Now define name function” and it really defined and output the missing function. This was really amazing. I tested the code on robots in simulated environment (see in the video), and robots really can be controlled. I will test the script on real robot in the next weeks.

I am truly impressed by OpenAI Codex and my big congrats to the whole team!

Really exited to continue exploring.

Here is the link to code: