OpenAI API processing time

Can openai api process time differ based on it’s account type. I have one tier-1 account and another tier-4 account. I am passing same context and request to both apis but tier-1 is taking 26s while tier-4 is taking 3-4 s.

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Yes, Higher Tier accounts can be moved to lower latency servers.

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So, will the customer need to select the account type or it will be done by openai ? Also, how openai will decide that which account should be moved to lower latency servers ?

The more you spend on API calls the higher your Tier, that is done automatically by OpenAI.

As a customer, can we make special request to switch the tier or move the account to lower latency servers ?
We have one client, who has created his account but somehow, it is taking so long time to get the response compared to our own account.

The only method I know of would be to put credit on that account to push it to a higher tier and also wait the required number of days for it to take effect.

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