Openai API: please add access to threads on ChatGPT

Like many, I used ChatGPT with a lot of threads with a lot of information in them before the API was released.

Now that is released, I’d like to be able to access my threads on ChatGPT (they’re the same account of my API keys).


They’re on the left-hand side of the ChatGPT site. Are you not seeing the threads?

Yes I use them all the time. I’m asking a way to access them via API.

There’s no API endpoint to access ChatGPT threads. That’s probably not on their task list, because I can’t imagine that many users would want or need this.

I know there’s not, that is why I requested it.

I tend to disagree that people don’t need it: anyone using ChatGPT properly will have several threads, maybe one for each project or task, and they would have used each thread for long time with a lot of information already stored in these threads.

Being able to tap into all this knowledge and history in the threads would be a major feature of the API, promoting as well the usage of ChatGPT and unifying all the threads (created via API or created via ChatGPT) under the same account.

chatGPT and the OpenAI API are two different products, to use both you need two different accounts, what you’re asking for is a way for one account (API) to access the data of another account (chatGPT). That won’t be happening.


You can access all your conversations/threads, and the massages within them, by just downloading them. You can do this by pressing the “export data” button in the chatGPT settings in the “data controls” menu. openAI will then generate a download link and email it to you.

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I’m afraid is not true they are different accounts: it’s the opposite.

Whether I access this forum, dall-e, chatgpt or openai playground, I’m using always one and the same OpenAI account to authenticate. Surely if you want you can create/use different accounts, but OpenAI is very neat and they have one centralised auth system so one account is all you need.

The export history is nice, but re-playing or importing it is not possible or would be very inconvenient.

The fact that using my account I access my threads on chatgpt and I can create new ones using my API, still means that would only makes sense to allow my account’s API keys to access conversations on my ChatGPT.

Longer conversations/threads with a lot of context are the best way, more than any prompt engineering (still needed), to focus the model and get more and more precise replies from the AI. Would be a great future to access the ones on ChatGPT via API :smiling_face: