OpenAI and Ardrino - Has anyone used ChatGPT to build projects?

Does anyone else work with Arduino and OpenAI/ChatGPT GPTs?

The biggest challenge I face is understanding breadboard connections and some of the electrical engineering aspects.

I’m sure it would be easier for an electrical engineer, and having a GPT trained on the subject would be really helpful.

A GPT in ChatGPT isn’t really “trained”, it is just informed. It can perform a search on the text within uploaded documents (but diagrams or images within remain elusive).

That gives you the opportunity to round up all the concrete knowledge the AI might need to have on hand to help you out, after you give it an attitude of being an Arduino Expert in instructions. Product pinouts, ATmega chip datasheets, programming manuals. Upload to GPT you create in ChatGPT plus and test the waters. The AI itself will already have knowledge.

Here’s a chat share just talking to ChatGPT about some random idea:

I went a different route on the diagrams. I’m using plotly and graph in python to create the rough design of where the connections go.

I’ll beef it up from here.