Open AI to automate the work processes

I saw the below news.

I wanted to check if anyone would have any perspective on this. Will this innovation kill all the RPA tools like UIPATH, Automation Anywhere. OR will this innovation complement RPA to drive extreme automation in an industry.

The article lists a paywalled article as a primary source.

In any case, OpenAI already has its browser tool, which is nothing to scoff at. Most off the shelf RPA tools in their current state are pretty useless for AI tasks, but fortunately it only takes around a day to get your own AI powered RPA tools working in a container nowadays.

So I’m not sure what the actual ‘news’ is here - there’s no information here as far as I can tell :thinking:

We’ve been working on this over at GitHub - OpenAdaptAI/OpenAdapt: AI-First Process Automation with Large [Language (LLMs) / Action (LAMs) / Multimodal (LMMs)] / Visual Language (VLMs)) Models