Only 4k token? (Premium User, Context Window)

I am until 26th of May a premium user. But i cancelled my subscription. The announcements sounded on X like OpenAI upgraded their Premium Users to “GPT-4 Turbo”, but hell no its still GPT4 and the token length is the same old length as it was last year - so no difference there to free users.

How do i know?
a.) Well i tested with documents and checked the history, which made it clear, that after around 4-8k token it was game over with the memory.
b.) Checked my Browser and the network requests. The length says “max_tokens:4097” (x2 In+Output - is my guess or maybe not - still nowhere 16k)

c.) And directly asked ChatGPT which told me this:
Strangely enough in German it was 4k in TOTAL and when i asked in English it said 8k in total.

How come you exclueded users from the upgrades or making regional downgrades?