One Assistant Multiple Vector Stores?

Hello, based on FileSearch [docs] for Assistants(, it mentions that “Today, you can attach at most one vector store to an assistant and at most one vector store to a thread.”

Does that mean there is work going on the enable the Assistant to connect to multiple vector stores in the near future? I noticed that the parameter that takes in the vector store id is also vector_store_ids (plural)

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What does “today” imply? It might be simply uncertainty. “Today you can attach vector stores (but more will be available in the future) | (but they’ll be discontinued when we write something better) | (but we gave up on the lost investment in assistants)”

There’s actually a third vector store, when you attach files to a message for file_search.

All the vector stores are simply added to the results that can be returned from a single file search function the AI can call. A file the user uploaded is in the same chunk repository as documents that power the assistant.

My take: Today, you can write something better with chat completions and your own augmented generation and document curation.

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