Old models are already gone :(, it said January 4th! I still needed GPT-3 for documentation tests

It said in my recent email from OpenAI on this (and yes I lost all these models now):

Earlier this year, we announced that on January 4th, 2024, we will shut down our older completions and embeddings models, including the following models (see the bottom of this email for the full list):

  • text-davinci-003
  • text-davinci-002
  • ada
  • babbage
  • curie
  • davinci
  • text-ada-001
  • text-babbage-001
  • text-curie-001
  • text-davinci-001

You are receiving this email because in the last 30 days, you used one or more of the models that will be shut down. These models will no longer be accessible after January 4th, 2024. Our deprecations page has our suggested replacements. In order to avoid disruption for your customers, we suggest migrating to one of our newer replacement models as soon as possible.

Thanks for building with OpenAI. If you run into any challenges migrating to new models, please join us on the OpenAI Developer Forum—we’d be happy to help.

If you call the model in the usual way, do you get an error response?

The poster must be looking at the Playground.

Still doing what they do…

I’ll have to keep one writing obituaries on January 4.

Ah, yes I never ended up using the API calling. I will need to now though since that is the only way I am guessing. I really don’t know how to do it, I’ll have to ask GPT-4 tomorrow perhaps

You don’t need to ask an AI - because it will not be able to answer correctly.

Have some python for completion…and then API reference on this forum’s sidebar for information about the different API endpoints and parameters.

Hey! Just for context, we removed the models from the playground early in case some users were not seeing emails about the API. Apologies for any disruption this caused.