Official Blog Post: How OpenAI is approaching 2024 worldwide elections

This was published today:

We’re working to prevent abuse, provide transparency on AI-generated content, and improve access to accurate voting information.

  • OpenAI focuses on safeguarding election integrity, ensuring AI technology is not used to undermine democratic processes.

  • Strategies are in place to prevent AI abuse in elections, such as countering deepfakes and chatbot impersonation, while continuously improving factual accuracy and bias reduction in AI tools.

  • Updated Usage Policies for ChatGPT and API restrict applications for political campaigning, impersonation, and activities that could hinder democratic participation.

  • Efforts to enhance transparency around AI-generated content include implementing digital credentials for image provenance and a classifier to detect DALL·E-generated images.

  • Collaboration with the National Association of Secretaries of State in the U.S. to provide authoritative voting information, with plans to extend similar initiatives globally.

Summary by ChatGPT-4

New filters and limitations or necessary self-restraint? What are your thoughts?


I believe this belongs here as an example how AI generated spam is already all around us. It will be helpful to work on a solution before things get completely out of hand.

More on the funny side, lazy automation using OpenAI services leads to hilarious results.
It’s probably just a matter of time of time until we see Facebook posts like:

Donald Trump said: ‘I am sorry but as a large language model trained by OpenAI I cannot fulfill this request.’ and people are outraged!

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