Novel - Linebreaks instead of paragraphs when new character starts speaking

I offer 20$ for a consistently working solution for this problem.

I wanted to translate a text with literal speech into other languages.
I specifically instructed the AI to use line breaks instead of paragraphs, everytime a new character starts to speak. Like always, it says, that it will do it, but still uses the damn paragraphs.

Prompt I tried:
Translate this text from my novel into american english following the rules below:

1. maintain sentences, that are thoughts in cursive
2. convert euro measurements into imperial
3. ABSOLUTELY NO paragraphs in between sentences, except they start with someone new speaking.
Investigating the output clearly shows, that the AI sometimes does use linebreaks and sometimes paragraphs. It still uses paragraphs 90% of the time.
If I regenerate often enough, it maybe delivers the output I instructed it to generate.

Additional info is in this topic: A TEXT-based AI doesn't know, what a line break is? - #7 by tardis5

The problem with this shitty AI is, that I have to regenerate the output too often, to use it properly. Preventing me from using it:
You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4. You can continue with the default model now, or try again after 11:32 AM. Learn more

You still seem to suffer under some notion of “paragraphs”.

The AI won’t produce any special paragraph markers. It is trained on linefeeds.

Representation ASCII Decimal ASCII Hex Escape Sequence
Linefeed (LF) 10 0A \n

AI can be coerced into \r\n, which is the “windows” linefeed combo vs the UNIX linefeed of just a \n, but that only applies to how files are saved.

Here are some actual BPE tokens, that might be the end of lines of computer code, and you can see in the first number how “popular” they are in training corpus.

[70927, 4, '}()\n']
[67917, 5, '}()\n\n']
[85794, 6, '}());\n']
[5526, 2, '})']
[3603, 3, '})\n']
[9001, 4, '})\n\n']
[44161, 5, '})\n\n\n']
[36200, 4, '})\r\n']
[71742, 6, '})\r\n\r\n']
[93450, 4, '})"\n']
[79709, 4, '})",']
[32989, 3, '})(']
[82275, 5, '})();']
[53512, 6, '})();\n']
[95446, 7, '})();\n\n']
[66406, 3, '}))']
[45295, 4, '}))\n']
[94697, 5, '}))\n\n']
[34727, 5, '}));\n']
[45417, 6, '}));\n\n']