"Not enough tokens available to send the assistant message and the user message"


I am connecting via the Zapier API and am receiving the subject line message. I’ve checked the size of the input summing the “User Message” & “Assistant Message” and get 1,897 tokens with 9,107 characters.

I have 90K TPM / 3,500 RPM on GPT 3.5 and 10K TPM 3K RPM on GPT4.

Can someone tell me whether it is Zapier or me that is being stupid? Because it doesn’t matter which model I set Zapier tells me I do’t have enough tokens.

Am I missing some part of the calculation?



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I have the same issue with Zapier - were you able to resolve this?


I asked Zapier who basically gave me the message where they tell me what is in their error message but expand it by saying that “it means that the input is too big”, and I also sent an email to openai support that has asked me for more details, that I will prepare and send.

If it get it to work I will let you know.

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Could be that zapier has a pretty large system message.

I was also told to clear my browser cache. ROFL.

Did you get this to work? I am having the same error today on a new Zap I created.