Not enough credits to use the free OpenAI Codex?

Hi there,

I just got accepted to use OpenAI Codex, and I assumed that this text “During this initial period, the Codex models are offered for free.” would imply I could use Codex without having credits. However, when I try to generate some code in the playground, nothing is happening, and when I inspect the Firefox console, I’m seeing an error:

UserError: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

Does this mean the models are not free? Or the model is free, but I still have to pay for using the model?



It didn’t happen to me and I have been using Codex for weeks.
Did you select the right model in playground? Check screenshot in below.

Hi Nick, thanks for the response. Yes, I was sure to the model, but this is the error I got:

(no error in the UI though, only in the console)

Ok, Erik, then I have no idea why its happening to you as I am also holding personal account and testing Codex pretty everyday in last few weeks.
I checked my browser console and didn’t see the same error message like yours.

No worries Nick, I’ve reported the issue to OpenAI, I hope they’ll come back to me. Thanks for looking into it, appreciate it!

My best guess is that even if codex doesnt use your tokens you probably still need a card linked to your account? Openai should fix this though.

You were correct, thank you. After I linked my CC, it now works, and I’ve implemented a OpenAI Codex module for my project,!

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They probably run a check every time a model is run to make sure they can bill you, even for free models where they wont. Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

So you just linked it by clicking on the button? And they didn’t charge you anything, even if you got the email, where it says, “As a reminder, you’ll be billed at the end of each calendar month for all usage during that month, as outlined on our Pricing Page”?

Don’t know if this is the same thing but I opened a free account a couple of months back, not sure when, don’t know how to check but signed up for the Openai API today, trying to aconnect via Hugging Face chatgpt-demo and immediately hit the “You exceeded your current quota” blocker, yet usage account shows 0 requests.
If I try providing the credit card verification data and “it has been 3 months” will I get a minimum charge, thought I saw somewhere $120 is that correct? Or does anybody know if it will allow me any free time?

You’re free $18 ends after three months. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can get it back if you didn’t use it.

The $120 is not a minimum, it is the default maximum. So if you use 1 cent of AI for the month, you will get billed $0.01 for that month.