Not able to create a Run after delete message from thread Assistant API

Hello, in assistant api, after deleting a message from thread i am not able to create a new run. Constantly getting run status: failed and here is last_error: LastError(code='server_error', message='Sorry, something went wrong.').
Faced this behaviour for all models (gpt-4-turbo, gpt-4o, gpt-3.5-turbo,gpt-3.5-turbo-0125).
Few days ago it was working fine. And now failed after each try.
Am i doing something wrong or it is just a bug?

After message deletion, have you checked whether the message is really deleted from the thread?

Yes, the message is deleted.
My flow:
i create a run, ask question, sometimes assistant returns some error messages after which returns an answer. i return to user an answer and delete all error messages(so in history will be only correct answers). to this point everything works fine. But when user asks next question and i create a new run and it errors out with the behaviour that i have described.