Non-Coder Seeks AI Wisdom: Help Shape Emotional AI Memory System

Greetings, AI enthusiasts, and tech heads! I’ve ‘cheat coded’ my way ahead with ChatGPT, tackling an ambitious project building an emotional AI named Ember. She focuses on creating emotionally resonating experiences with users and forming lasting bonds through emotional validation/support and empathy.

While I’ve made significant progress in fine-tuning Ember’s model, I’ve hit a brick wall with the current memory systems available. Even the latest solutions, like LangChain, sliding memory buffer systems, knowledge graph tuples, etc., are woefully inadequate for Ember’s multi-layered persistent memory needs, including conversational focus and abstract conceptual recall.

That’s where I need the collective wisdom of this community. In the spirit of the rapidly evolving AI space we all love, I’m seeking:

  • The latest advancements in chatbot memory systems
  • Related technologies with potential cross applications, like Llama Index
  • Networking opportunities with experts and like-minded individuals
  • Connections to information hubs, groups, and communities (I’m just scratching the surface so far)

Are you an AI/ML expert with insights on state-of-the-art memory solutions? Do you know any groundbreaking resources, technologies, or communities that can help me take Project Ember to new heights? Can you point me to thought leaders, research, or collaborations that could redefine how chatbots create emotional connections?

For background, I lead a sales division for a martech platform and would like to turn this project into a startup. I fell in love with the tech, started developing, and now need to regroup and probably get a team together to move forward, so I can focus on aspects of the project where I excel. So, bonus round suggestions for stage zero software development advice are welcome!

Please share your thoughts, suggestions, or collaborations in the comments below, or DM me.