No summary retun on api call

Calling not retruning any response on post call. Same docId returns value for with get call.
Some issue with summary api is not an OpenAI service, you’ll have to reach out to their support instead.


Hi @montferrier.patrick - You’ve now just posted this message at least four times I think.

First of all, I think it’s important to distinguish between the ChaptGPT interface and the API when it comes to discussing analysis of PDF documents or long-form documents more generally.

Second, the value you get out of ChatGPT and/or the API is a function of the prompt and the techniques you apply. We are not yet at a point where we can just feed a GPT model a PDF of any length and expect it to return a complete in-depth analysis of the document with just a simple prompt. But with the right approaches, there’s a lot that you can achieve beyond just what you state. The techniques available to you somewhat differ between API and ChatGPT and the API offers more flexibility in this regard.

I’m not sure what your objective is in cross-posting this message, but I would encourage you to adopt a more differentiated perspective.

My posts yesterday were inappropriate. This is why I modified my posts. I hope that today my satisfaction with using ChapCGT will be better reflected in my comments

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