New JAVA SDK which is support Assistants and "Fix" the BUG of gpt-4-vision-preview

I’ve updated the SDK for JAVA after the update on 2023-11-06.

Here is OpenAI-Java.

The important update of SDK:

  1. Implement the onEventDone method of StreamChatCompletionListener to get he “STOP” signature when calling gpt-4-vision-preview since it doesn’t return stop_reason with “stop”.
  2. Support the parallel tool calls. (Which is instead of function call)
  3. Support new BETA version API: Assistants, Threads, Messages and Runs.

Why not make a Pull Request on the official SDK repo instead of publishing your own library?

The official SDK is always late after new API published. And I don’t have much time to understand others’ code while I am familiar with my code so far. So it is easy to use for me.

And it is ok for me none uses the SDK I built. Of coursey I am glad if anyone uses my SDK and folk it.