New Custom GPT Category Request: "Games"

I have been developing a few games using only GPT for the past year or so. My goal of course, being to one day share it and browse the games the rest of the community have created. I would have figured that the “Games” category would be a given at the launch of the improved explore GPT’s page.

I’m put off by the fact this is not the case. I believe AI games are the next frontier in entertainment and can only be left to question why?

As a request to the devs: Please include this category, and while we’re at it, maybe a new system of popularity and browsing for different sections (number of chat log history is very easily abused to put anything on top of search results).

While I’m here, I’d like to drop the link for one of my adventure games: Eldoria Text RPG: Interactive Adventure Game

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I think there should be a new “Just for fun” category