New ChatGPT NBA Stats API Plugin

I just created a repo for a plugin to access the NBA’s (National Basketball Association) APIs to retrieve data & statistics.

I love Basketball Reference, but often I’ve found it time-consuming to sift through and get meaningful takeaways, even if you know what you’re looking for.

My vision for this plugin is for basketball nerds to be able to easily access NBA statistics to do loads of interesting research and comparisons. “Make projections for Lebron James’ career PPG, if he plays 5 more years and compare that to Michael Jordan’s.”. You should also be able to check current NBA games and standings. “If the Bulls lose tonight, will they be out of the play-in-tournament?”

The plugin is currently local-only. Use the link below to access the code and run it:

GitHub Repo

I am very open to collaboration, please open a pull request with any new features you can think of.