Need help with OpenAI x API x Telegrambot

Hello guys,

I’ve been coding a Telegram bot, where everyone can use the OpenAI Davinci 3 via a telegram Bot.
They just need to start it, for text commands they just write “/ask Hello Bot” and it answers.
For pictures its “/aski Dog” and it generates a picture of a Dog and sends it to the chat.

If it’s allowed to share the link, you can try it on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @openaichatting_bot

I am using telebot ( import telebot )
I also can see, what people search, by print(message.text), but I never knew how random people use my bot without starting advertisement etc. So I tried to get more info like in which groups they use my bot.

So I tried print( and after someone uses a command, the Chat ID will get printed in the console. But because its not my own chat ID (owner of the bot) I can’t see who is asking, because the ID is between the user and the bot.

So my question is, if there are people, which know commands of telebot, how to get maybe telegram username, or at least user id of it. I tried some commands of telegram itself, like first_name or something else but it got only errors. I’m getting russian, arab, english and german questions and I wonder where they found my bot… thanks in advance.