Need help with my gpt-3.5-turbo modification

Hello! I am looking for some help, my coding skills are extremely basic and I am very stuck. My script worked with the text-davinci-003 API endpoint, but I am trying to modify it for gpt-3.5-turbo and I cannot figure it out. I have been trying for days. I just really need this to work ASAP.

With many different attempts and variations I have either managed to keep my code functioning but the API call wouldn’t work, or the API call worked but the completion won’t post to the output. I didn’t change anything except the API call, so that is what is very confusing to me, since it still works when I use the set-up for davinci. When I do go further to diagnose it, it always seems to break beyond repair with my knowledge.

I am sure this should be easy for someone to figure out that has 0.0001% more coding skills than I do, and I am apologize if it is very easy to spot the issue. I don’t have a ton of money but I can send over a digital Amazon gift card to anyone that wants to help me with this! I would greatly appreciate it. I will take this down if anyone wants to help, or I manage to get it solved somehow.

I will put the files of the working code with davinci and the failing code with turbo in this shared drive folder. The code with the working turbo API call DOES work, in the sense that I am seeing a request sent and a completion made on the OpenAI admin side of things: turbo-API - Google Drive

Thank you!

This code (not mine) is well commented and should help you go in the right direction presuming you’re coding in Python chatgpt-3.5-turbo/ at main · kydycode/chatgpt-3.5-turbo · GitHub

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I just hired a developer to fix this for me. So everyone can ignore this. Thanks.

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