Need Help - Is there a limit to number of fine-tuned models?

Hi there. I need some help.

Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of GPT-3 fine-tuned models one can create?

I found this article online - Fine-Tuning GPT3 for free. Using GPT3 on your data for free | by Shreyz-max | Medium - that states there is a limit and that “one can fine-tune up to 10 models per month”.

This isn’t an official source, and I couldn’t seem to find this in the documentation. Hence I’m reaching out here to anyone who can assist with this.

This information is the most important piece of the application that I’m building, so I’d really appreciate anyone who can help with this. Thanks.

i dont know it either, but maybe just creating an alternative account with a friend and trying to finetune 11 models might give you the answer.
I did read the same limit (10) in the official docs tho.

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Got it. Thanks for letting me know that you saw the same limit in the official docs. That’s helpful

Is it still the case we are limited to training 10 fine-tuned models per month? I read this in an old tutorial but I can’t see mention of it in the docs, and from some peoples posts on here it sounds like they have trained many more than this.

Have there been any answers on the limits? are 10 is still the limit?

Here you can see your personal limits. They may be different from one organisation/account to another.