Need help for reading CSV with Assistant API


nice to see the community going well!

I’m developing a chat bot that uses website data for answering to questions about that website business.

For now I have working solution with embeddings and can’t complain, it works good just doesn’t have proper context maintainability.

I’m testing Assistant API as a improvement and dropping out the embeddings. I want all website data to be in JSON/CSV per page (URL, title, content), attach it to an assistant and make the answers of the assistant proper based on that data.

Currently the response is made properly from the CSV, but when I ask for “could you give me more information”, it ignores the URL and title columns of the CSV.

I wonder if the Assistant API is ready to work with CSV/JSON as a source of information in a way that respects all elements of the data structure. And how to ask the Assistant to read the other 2 columns.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Thank you!!