Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Hi! I am from TotalShape I’m looking for advice on the best way to implement NLP to provide personalized workout recommendations and nutritional guidance for our website readers.

Can you suggest a way to integrate this into our website so that our audience can easily find the articles they need?

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RAG would be a good place to start.

To learn the concepts on your own consider getting ChatGPT Plus and creating a custom GPT.


Hi @John_Philip,

Seconding @EricGT’s recommendation. Here’s a tutorial from OpenAI using embeddings to answer questions about a website, similar to your requirements.

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you can use GPT-4 to help the user reject all your cookies so that they can get to browsing your content instead of clicking away from your website and asking chatgpt instead.

apart from that, instead of going full RAG, you can investigate using embedding search to find the correct articles instead of (or in addition to) your keyword based search. this helps when users don’t know what something is called, and allows them to describe the thing instead.