Names of Past Chats Generated as Summaries?

Am I just noticing that ChatGPT seems to summarize the chat and give it a short title? Has it always done that and I didn’t notice?

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Yes. If you do not give the chat a name, it will be given a name based on your first prompt(s).

IIRC This feature was added shortly after support for multiple chats on the ChatGPT interface.


Thanks. I’m just so accustomed to using Playground I wasn’t using ChatGPT as much…

I wonder if anyone has made a Google Docs extension/plugin to rename (Untitled 1) files of which I have many haha

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Just to chime in and confirm, ChatGPT has been doing this as long as I have been using it, which has been less than two months, closer to 1 1/2 months.