My .HTML code works fine with API on front end, BUT

Hi Guys,

My javascript code consists of 4 drop down menus with selectable options entered via form and label tags, and 2 sliders,
the sliders are for Max Tokens and Temperature using model: ‘text-davinci-003’ , it all works fine with javascript in a HTML file, prompt box codes, and an box to display the response, so when you click on submit, it grabs all the options that were selected and generates as response in the response box, it works every time without fail perfectly.
But now I am trying to change it, to send the API request through the back end server via .env, file, to hide the API key etc, as strongly recommended, but it will not work. Nothing happens when I click submit.
I’m scared to upload my html file here, as we worked 6 hours just to get it working via the front end.

I installed all the packages as per the quickstart instructions, and cloned the github rep,
I installed node.js, all the files as per opena quick start instructions,

Is there anything obvious I am missing? are there any similar issues I can be referred to? or a video? thanks in advance

Can you show some of the code?

Any errors showing in console log of browser?