My Custom GPT is very case sensitive

While Asking my custom GPT to retrieve information from a database it yields different responses depending on how I spell the query - with or without capitals.

It seems like the code generated for the queries is different:

Query A: “Who is yuri”

import pandas as pd

# Load the CSV file containing the list of lab members
members_file = '/mnt/data/members.csv'

# Read the CSV file
members_df = pd.read_csv(members_file)

# Display the data to understand its structure

Query B: Who is Yuri

# Checking if there's a member named "Yuri" in the list
yuri_info = members_df[members_df['Name'].str.contains("Yuri", case=False)]

asking one more (3rd) time with a low cap “Who is yuri” seems to work.
Asking about another lab member with a low cap after that also seems to work.

It seems to generate the wrong code for the 1st query but then it starts generating correct scripts for the next queries

Did a bit more testing…
Starting a fresh new chat and using a query with a capital letter in the name seems to generate the correct code. While a new chat with a low-cap name spelling generates the wrong code.

Once the correct code is executed future queries seem to work fine and are not case-sensitive.