Multiple Questions in GPT-3

How can I ask multiple questions in the same context with GPT-3 API?

Heres an example:

import os
import openai
openai.api_key =os.getenv(“OPENAI_API_KEY”)
doc_list= [“When you deploy Oracle Analytics Cloud, you complete some initial setup steps, and then Oracle takes care of most service management, patching, backup and restore, and other maintenance tasks. You determine the size of your service when you set up the service and you can increase or decrease capacity if your requirements change. Oracle Analytics Cloud offers two sizing options, you can specify the number of Oracle Compute Units (OCPUs) you want to deploy or how many people you expect to use the service.”]
response = openai.Answer.create(
question=“What are the sizing options offered by Oracle Analytics Cloud?”, // I want to ask multiple questions at once, not only one. 5, to be more specific.
examples_context=“Larry Page and Sergey Brin.”,
examples=[[“Who founded Google?”]],
stop=["\n", “<|endoftext|>”],

Actually, it’s possible to do this. I already use the option 1, i’m trying to use multiple questions in one request to be more efficient and cheaper.