Multiple Completion with same prompt but different options

Is there a way to send only one prompt but that ChatGPT Api gives different options of answers, because what i have now is that ChatGPT gives 3 answers but they are all the same answer

`public async Task<List> CreateChatCompletionAsync(GenerateTextModel model)

        var api = new OpenAIAPI(_settings.ApiKey);
        var choices = new List<string>();

        var result = await api.Chat.CreateChatCompletionAsync(new ChatRequest()
                Model = _model,
                NumChoicesPerMessage = 3,
                Temperature = 0.1,
                MaxTokens = 2000,
                Messages = new ChatMessage[]
            new ChatMessage(ChatMessageRole.User, model.Prompt)

        for (int i = 0; i < result.Choices.Count; i++)
        return choices;

I would like to Translate a text from english to for instance dutch and give multiple options to choose from.

Anyone that can help me?

Try increasing the Temperature. That controls how “creative” the responses are

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