Multimodal (image) fine tuning with GPT-4

Hi there. Long time listener, first time caller.

Does the finetuning for GPT4 have the capability for finetune with image inputs.

The project i’m working on is getting good results, but needs the last little push to get to the point where i’m comfortable deploying it.


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Welcome to the community @james.maine92

Fine-tuning is currently limited to these models.


Thank you for your response.

I see that gpt-4-0613 is included within this list. As GPT-4 can accept multimodal input, does that extend to fine tuning as well?

Hi James -

while GPT-4 is indeed a multimodal model, fine-tuning with images is currently not supported.

From the OpenAI documentation:

Can I fine-tune the image capabilities in gpt-4?

No, we do not support fine-tuning the image capabilities of gpt-4 at this time.


Multi-modal inputs are accepted by gpt-4 turbo models. The 0613 didn’t come with vision enabled even though they demoed that during the launch.


Not what i wanted to hear but thank you for your response!

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not what i wanted to hear, but thank you for your help!

Are there any plans for fine-tuning the ChatGPT Vision models?

Technically gpt-4o is now available for fine-tuning. However, just like in the past with gpt-4, you must request access and describe you intended use case via a dedicated form to then maybe get access to it.

Only users with a decent track record of fine-tuning are given the option to request access though. You can check in the fine-tuning UI whether if you are eligible.