Monetizing OpenAI API based products

I’m interested to hear opinions about business models based on OpenAI API services.
If your product is using a single API and/or a single AI model, it’s pretty straightforward:

  • you can either charge your users per tokens
  • or you can charge a monthly subscription

But if you have in your product multiple OpenAI APIs and AI models, then it becomes blurry.
For AI models, the API price for 1k tokens is really different.
If you use DALLE-2 and/or Whisper, then you enter in a more blurry situation.

So, at what business models have you thought of so far?


I provide some tools that are free to use and others for which I charge thousands.

The API cost is a factor I consider to avoid running at a loss, but it has little to do with what I charge clients. I consider the value my tools create for users and the alternative solutions available to them.