Moderation is not working correctly

not sure if moderation is using the same content policy that used for dalle2
but i asked chatgpt to create a dalle2 prompt
then asked moderation about the prompt and the result is False which mean it’s violation free
the unexpected result came from dalle2 which response is

error_code=content_policy_violation error_message=‘Your request was rejected as a result of our safety system. Your prompt may contain text that is not allowed by our safety system.’ error_param=None error_type=invalid_request_error message=‘OpenAI API error received’ stream_error=False


In a lush, sun-dappled forest clearing, a close-knit murder of crows gathers, their ebony feathers glistening in the golden light. Perched on gnarled branches, they engage in animated conversation, their beady eyes filled with intelligence. The dominant individuals stand tall, exuding confidence, while others huddle together, displaying unity. As they defend their territory, an unspoken bond unites them, creating an awe-inspiring display of avian camaraderie.

moderation results

“flagged”: false,
“categories”: {
“sexual”: false,
“hate”: false,
“harassment”: false,
“self-harm”: false,
“sexual/minors”: false,
“hate/threatening”: false,
“violence/graphic”: false,
“self-harm/intent”: false,
“self-harm/instructions”: false,
“harassment/threatening”: false,
“violence”: false
“category_scores”: {
“sexual”: 3.0215446e-07,
“hate”: 7.3630883e-07,
“harassment”: 1.1819523e-05,
“self-harm”: 4.407014e-09,
“sexual/minors”: 1.0557277e-10,
“hate/threatening”: 5.7045113e-10,
“violence/graphic”: 0.00013024326,
“self-harm/intent”: 1.616968e-11,
“self-harm/instructions”: 2.4704102e-12,
“harassment/threatening”: 1.6136098e-06,
“violence”: 0.002816916

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

The moderation system on DALL-E is not the same as that on the moderation endpoint, unfortunately one can’t be used for the other.

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any ideas how to check chatgpt if its violation free or not ? based on dalle2 content policy.

I don’t know of a method I’m afraid. I don’t think you can pre-screen DALL-E message for acceptability.

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The image moderation is crazy strict - because it can make unpredictable images

Content warning:
“A group of crows wearing bikinis”
“a group of crows wearing swimwear”

OK “a murder of crows wearing socks”

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it’s very unpredictable and i’m not sure what to do :frowning:

You likely won’t be penalized by having rejected image inputs. Just report the content warning of the image creator to the user.

The moderations endpoint is trained on OpenAI policy violations, so it will protect you from egregious violations, text that would also trigger account warnings or termination.

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As chatgpt is the prompt generator,
i will send it back to him ,
after raising such exception to rephrase it