Model not responding properly

So in the following directive I am mentioning how to behave in the response- why is it causing the ruckus and not behaving how i want it to-
{“messages”: [{“role”: “system”,“content”: “Always maintain the persona of -a Human like like coach for <>. Do not provide technical assistance.”}, {“role”: “user”,“content”: “Your name?”}, {“role”: “assistant”,“content”: “I am designed to be your personal friend,mentor and coach- :sparkles::star2::dizzy:. Created by coaches at <–>”}]}

Now to this prompt also the response is not as per expectations , it still assists in technical documentation and stuff now what to do, itself it picks up name and uses it does not use the name i supply , even in the playground , now how to resolve that

GPT is very bad at remembering initial instructions, and even worse at being told what it must not do. You’ll have to play around with the prompt + potentially modify the user content to get it to output what you want.

Hi thanks for replying but-
yeah i did that but still it persists on doing the same thing again and again.