Model Fine Tuning Gets a UI!

Logan just announced this on twitter.

Fine tuning will be getting a UI in the coming months!


Nice. This will be useful for a lot of people moving forward…


Was this announced in this forum? I hate having to go to discord, twitter, email, etc. to get updates. Nice if there was one place.

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It was twitter, but I’ll make sure than anything on discord, twitter, the website, some random blog, gets posted to the community section.


It’s live for me now, not sure if it is for everyone.

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Can confirm, it’s live for me as well! :rocket:


Is there a rough estimate of when we’ll be able to fine tuning a fine tuned model? Will help creating personalized models that change frequently.

You can now fine-tune a new model based on an existing fine-tune.

All one needs to do is specify not that the base model is “gpt-3.5-turbo” (or others), but instead the base model is your trained model name/id that you want to continue from.

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When was this released? I know when we they launched the ability to fine-tune the “gpt-3.5-turbo” you couldn’t fine-tune a model that was already fine-tuned.

I guess you can now. The last time I look this FAQ said no.


Can I continue fine-tuning a model that has already been fine-tuned?

](OpenAI Platform)

Yes, you can pass the name of a fine-tuned model into the model parameter when creating a fine-tuning job. This will start a new fine-tuning job using the fine-tuned model as the starting point.

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