Metadata Context Field to improve ChatGPT answers and make them tailored to the user's case

Pardon me for my ignorance but I have been experimenting with ChatGPT and appending metadata to the end of every question I do in this style:

{name: Thomas; age: 28; gender: male; nationality; irish; ideology: centrist; religion: christianity; languages: english, irish; education: high school; job: janitor; sexual orientation: bi-curious; personality: infp; diseases: asthma, bpd, gad, ocd; hobbies: computers, fishing, noir novella}

I have found it improves the answers when asking about topics pertinent to myself. Even the AI agrees:

Me: do you find it useful when I include my metadata with my questions?

ChatGPT: Yes, providing your metadata can be helpful in tailoring my responses to your specific interests, preferences, and background. It can also help me avoid making assumptions about you that might not be accurate. However, please be aware that I will only use this information to provide better answers to your questions and will not share it with anyone else.

My suggestion is to add a setting or field in the Chat like a box to fill with a metadata like this or whatever the user desires that the AI will always remember each time we speak with her.