Meta-openai Yocto meta layer

Hi I’m Joe. I head up a small embedded software and hardware design consultancy Rufilla Ltd. near Oxford UK. We specialise in creating devices using embedded Linux, Yocto, IoT. I’m obsessed with the uses of AI in the device field :slight_smile:

We’ve just created an OpenAI ‘meta layer’ for Yocto Linux, allowing developers to easily incorporate OpenAI and ChatGPT into Yocto-based Linux devices, see meta-openai on Github.

We intend to keep this up-to-date and add in Whisper API, DALL-E2 and other useful interfaces - plus give examples showing how to create real-world devices with these features integrated.

I’m excited to be part of this community and hope to be able to contribute.


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Hi @joe90 ,
I work with an embedded system using Yocto and want to include the OpenAI package for python. I have introduced your recipe into my project but the resulting build does not include the package. Maybe your recipe is incomplete or it needs something more than including this line in the local.conf file:

IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " python-openai" 

Any help is welcome.
Thanks in advance.