Message ID for assistant replies

For getting assistant replies in python the API reference provides this code block

# Retrieve the message object
message = client.beta.threads.messages.retrieve(

# Extract the message content
message_content = message.content[0].text
annotations = message_content.annotations
citations = []

# Iterate over the annotations and add footnotes
for index, annotation in enumerate(annotations):
    # Replace the text with a footnote
    message_content.value = message_content.value.replace(annotation.text, f' [{index}]')

    # Gather citations based on annotation attributes
    if (file_citation := getattr(annotation, 'file_citation', None)):
        cited_file = client.files.retrieve(file_citation.file_id)
        citations.append(f'[{index}] {file_citation.quote} from {cited_file.filename}')
    elif (file_path := getattr(annotation, 'file_path', None)):
        cited_file = client.files.retrieve(file_path.file_id)
        citations.append(f'[{index}] Click <here> to download {cited_file.filename}')
        # Note: File download functionality not implemented above for brevity

# Add footnotes to the end of the message before displaying to user
message_content.value += '\n' + '\n'.join(citations)

However there is no mention of the message_id elsewhere in the api referenece. Where is this message_id gotten from?

Right now I am doing the following

        # Send the user's message to the Assistant

        # Run the Assistant
        run = openai_client.beta.threads.runs.create(

        # Check the Run status periodically
        run_status = run.status
        while run_status == 'queued' or run_status == 'in_progress':
            time.sleep(2)  # Wait for a second before checking again
            run = openai_client.beta.threads.runs.retrieve(
            run_status = run.status

And then run prints as

Run(id='run_D5cqIXLRKCQhIZFlvTE3LU1h', assistant_id='...', cancelled_at=None, completed_at=1702850787, created_at=1702850785, expires_at=None, failed_at=None, file_ids=[], instructions='...', last_error=None, metadata={}, model='gpt-4-1106-preview', object='', required_action=None, started_at=1702850785, status='completed', thread_id='thread_a7T2qb7tncYplbU5j6qHteKO', tools=[])

I thought initially the message_id might be the id provided in the run printout but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The message_id is part of step details returned when you call: client.beta.threads.runs.steps.list. which returns a SyncCursorPage[RunStep] object with the details inside.


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