Low temperature, low top_p, same prompts different results every time. Any ideas?

I’ve tried tinkering with temperature and top_p, changing the prompt, but I get inconsistent results for a very simple prompt. Please see screenshot. Any idea how I can fix this? (It should be an FYI, which is what ChatGPT identifies it as).

Every time you press “submit” in the API Playground, you are sending everything you see there, again.

The AI is receiving a longer and longer list of its own answers. It is not the same.

Ah, thank you. Didn’t know that. Is there a way to clear history or do I have to refresh the page every time? Any idea why it’s showing up as “ToDo” in the first place?

There’s a little grey icon on the upper right of each message to delete individual messages.

You can also click the role name and change assistant to user. Press add message to insert another blank message to fill in.

You can even make a whole fake conversation between an AI and a person, and see how the AI responds after that conversation where you told the AI what it previously said.

Thanks. Any idea why it’s classifying that phrase as a ToDo instead of an FYI? I assume there are settings that I can use to fix this, but I’ve played with top_p and temperature and can’t figure out what’s wrong.

You: I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.

What if this was a sorter for the AI of your appointment book? Which interpretation do you want:

ToDo: Okay, I’d add that to to the to-do list (good)
FYI: Thanks, do you have other neat facts? (bad)

So you can get better results by informing AI of the task or application the AI is actually doing, and what the data it outputs is being used for.

If you want to only get the most likely output, top_p has to go to 0.