Looking to discuss possible Creative Code Generators

I am looking to discuss different Code Generators.

For example I requested a version of Eliza in Html - shown below.

write a program like eliza in html

It’s not possible to write an ELIZA program entirely in HTML as HTML is a markup language used to create web pages and does not have the ability to process user input or generate responses.

However, you can create an HTML page that includes a form for users to input their messages and JavaScript code that generates responses based on certain patterns. Here’s an example:

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ELIZA-like Chatbot

ELIZA-like Chatbot

<div id="chat-log"></div>

<form id="chat-form">
	<label for="user-message">Enter your message:</label>
	<input type="text" id="user-message" name="user-message">
	<button type="submit">Send</button>

	// Define the patterns and responses
	var patterns = [
		[/my name is (.*)/i, 'Hello, $1! How can I assist you today?'],
		[/i feel (.*)/i, 'Why do you feel $1?'],
		[/(.*)\?/, 'Why do you ask that?'],
		[/i\'m (.*)/i, 'How long have you been $1?'],
		[/hi|hello|hey/i, 'Hello! How can I help you?'],
		[/^(.*)$/, 'I see. Please tell me more.']
	// Get references to the chat form and chat log elements
	var chatForm = document.getElementById('chat-form');
	var chatLog = document.getElementById('chat-log');
	// Add an event listener to the chat form
	chatForm.addEventListener('submit', function(event) {
		event.preventDefault(); // Prevent the form from submitting
		var userMessage = document.getElementById('user-message').value.trim();
		if (userMessage) {
			var response = generateResponse(userMessage);
			var chatMessage = document.createElement('p');
			chatMessage.textContent = 'User: ' + userMessage + '\n' + 'Chatbot: ' + response;
			chatLog.scrollTop = chatLog.scrollHeight; // Scroll to the bottom of the chat log
			document.getElementById('user-message').value = ''; // Clear the input field
	// Define a function to generate a response based on the user's input
	function generateResponse(userMessage) {
		for (var i = 0; i < patterns.length; i++) {
			var pattern = patterns[i][0];
			var response = patterns[i][1];
			var match = userMessage.match(pattern);
			if (match) {
				return response.replace(/\$(\d+)/g, function(match, p1) {
					return match.replace('$' + p1, match[p1]);

Other useful code generators for AI :

write code for a sentence grammar parser in html
write code for a sentence grammar parser as a tree in html

write C code to generate 10 perfect numbers .

write a fractal program in html

note: I am using Html code generators - so I can pop them up in the browser easily.

It seems useful for generating code program skeletons.
Useful for coding.

I am seeing truncated / unfinished code being returned sometimes.
> make asteroids program for arduino

I even repeated the request , but the code was clipped in a code function.
… I see , need to type
> continue
to finish.

Although this leaves the code and text panels out of sync :
Code aligned to Left on white screen , while text is wrapped on black code screen.

Trying to generate code, but it keeps changing styles.
Code is too large , and I need to continue , but code does not match.

If you get :

  • Networking Error
  • Something went wrong - reload conversation
    then switch conversations then back and type “hi” ,
    then re-run request.

“Continue” - keeps restarting the request now, so it does not finish.