Looking for Pricing Calculator

Hello everyone,

I’m in search of a pricing calculator for OpenAI GPT-4. Currently, I use a chatbot service and would like to include my API key with that chatbot. To determine the exact pricing, I’ve tested some calculators on Google, but I’m uncertain about their accuracy. Could you please recommend the most reliable calculator?

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I hope this will help:

You can even compare the pricing with different models and LLMs

Calculating your GPT-4 costs can be tricky, and it’s understandable to be unsure about calculator accuracy. Here’s how to navigate the options and find the most reliable one for your needs:

Official vs. Third-Party Calculators:

  • OpenAI’s Pricing Page: Start with the official source of truth: OpenAI’s Pricing Page (Pricing). It offers a straightforward breakdown of per-token costs for different GPT-4 models and features like Vision. While basic, it’s the most accurate source for actual costs.
  • Third-Party Calculators: Many third-party calculators offer additional features like scenario simulations, historical usage analysis, and integration with your specific chatbot service. However, their accuracy varies, and they might not reflect the latest pricing updates from OpenAI.

Just built one today with all the updated models pricing: OpenAI & other LLM API Pricing Calculator