Looking for a programming partner

I am an attorney that has spent the last 15 years drafting and negotiating contracts, primarily in the tech and IP space.

Reviewing and drafting contracts is a time consuming and laborious process, requiring line-by-line analysis of a given contract. Although reviewing and redlining a contract often takes an inordinate amount of time, the dirty little secret (that lawyers don’t like to share) is that lawyers often reuse, recycle, or paraphrase certain provisions based on past work. Reviewing and revising a contract is often a “cut-and-paste” exercise, pulling in past used provisions from a variety of sources. I’m convinced that this process can be automated via GPT3 and NLP in general.
I have a fairly robust document data set of various contracts and accompanying metadata (about 15 years of legal work). I’m interested in partnering up with a developer to take my data set, incorporate with GPT3, and create a MVP that can analyze a given contract and automatically insert preferred contract provisions/ language based on past work/ drafting tendencies.

Please contact me if you are a developer with any interest in the above. Thanks,


This sounds like a perfect use-case for finetuning, and also a prime example of how AI will help automate even highly intellectualized jobs. Let’s sync up and discuss, as I’m already brainstorming how this can be done.

I dont think it would work since the algorithm complexity is of quadratic nature. We basically would need to train a GPT model on your data and run it together with GPT-3. GPT-3 can be used for data distillation but still would end up with the training part.

Short-cuts or a cheaper implementation like the ppl at Jarvis AI did but in legal field could cause bad backlash.

It is not impossible, just require a lot of capital in research for a reliable implementation.