Loggng in to chatgpt-4-Plus

So far , I have not found a way to login to chatgpt-4-Plus .
I have logged in to chat openai , but how to login to chatgpt-4-Plus ?
Also , I don’t get the help I need from openai FAQ .
Is there a way to get Help elsewhere ?
Also , please what is the address to Start a Ticket ?
Thanks for your Help…


You “log in” by logging in. After purchasing a $20/month subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

New chat: click on gpt-4 at the top, click the “upgrade” button and input payment details.

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I think I do have an account , but maybe not :
because Google ChatGpt hijacked me ,
because it auto answers my google searches with chatgpt4Plus . When I asked it if it was chatgpt4Plus , it answered “Yes” .
How do I check if I have a chatgpt4Plus account ?
Thanks for your Help ?

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Remove any counterfeit scam extensions from your browser. They are not ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is only available at chat.openai.com (and the official Android and iPhone app).

Ok I just purchased chatgpt-4-plus $20/mo .
Proof: "You’ve successfully created your ChatGPT Plus account with OpenAI! "
But when I login to chat openai com
then login , it only gives me a gpt-3.5 or gpt-4 ,
and no option for chatgpt-4-plus .

So I am back to my original question
“So far , I have not found a way to login to chatgpt-4-Plus .
I have logged in to chat openai , but how to login to chatgpt-4-Plus ?”

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First of all, you already did log in to GPT plus.
The proof is that you can chat with GPT4 using the web UI which is only available to plus subscribers.
It appears you were looking for a very specific naming scheme and to be absolutely clear:
You log in to chat.openai.com using your OpenAI account and if you are subscribed to Plus then the service will immediately work as expected without any further action needed.

So, it should be all good because now you can do all the stuff free users can’t. And you already said that you can select GPT4.

Hope that clears things up for you and solves the perceived issue.

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Sorry I still a bit confused .
If I log in to chat openai com
I get the following message at the top of page:

  • GPT-3.5 * GPT-4
    and I have to choose .

If I enter this in address bar:
chat openai com/c/0c078fc7-2b98-4e50-a297-1f4b58bdf718
I get a page header that says simply:
GPT-4 .
Are they both GPT-4-Plus ?

GPT-3.5 is the base, free model anyone can access. GPT-4 is the latest and most powerful model, your acclaimed “chatgpt-4-plus”.
Everytime you start a new chat, you can select between models.

Thanks for your Help.
Since I am paying for it:
For clarity it would Help if it said ChatGpt-4-Plus .
Any way to make this happen ?