Localhost plugin error - Error setting localhost plugin

When installing my plugin, ChatGPT reads the ai-plugin.json and then the swagger.yaml.

After that it makes a call to /backend-api/aip/lhp which returns a 500 error.
“detail”: “Error setting localhost plugin: {"message":"root_origin=‘localhost:8000’ openapi_spec_url=‘localhost:7120/api/swagger.yaml’"}”

I had to remove the http portion of the url from the error message to submit this post.

Is Local dev supported with http? Any ideas on how to proceed?


Without seeing your actual files can only guess.

Both files include the port number, are they the same in both files?

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Thanks Eric.

I got it working by having the ai plugin.json, swagger.yaml file and the APIs all on the same port on localhost.

Looks good now. And Chat GPT is calling my APIs correctly.