List threads with an argument

I am working on a project where a user creates multiple threads with one assistant. But I can not find a way of associating threads (and assistants) with a user d,rectly on the API.
As far as I understand , there is no way of listing threads with a parameter.
Do I have to keep track of threads on an external resource ?

Yes, you should build a structure for that user ID to save their thread IDs. If a user wants to continue a conversation, access the saved thread IDs, retrieve the last conversation for that thread ID, and continue the conversation. If you have multiple assistants, you should use the same assistant ID as well.

Yes, that is the great magic of assistants: it might seem that some things are taken care of for you, like storing conversations in a thread, but you still have to write the code for user management and chat management, still keeping a record of user chat sessions and IDs, giving them titles, tracking files and downloads.

Things that end up being easier when you implement the chat history yourself.

Too bad not having a way of listing threads with a parameter/argument.
Even no way of listing “all” threads, or threads associated with an “assistant”.
I would at least expect to have this kind of listing…