Letting model give concrete Geo-locations based on text description

Hi, I am a beginner to chatGPT API. Currently, I am thinking using chatGPT or other models to create a KML file(similar to XML file but mostly used for drone flight plan) based on some text description.

The example of text description is as follows:
“starting from (new york city) this geolocation: -74.0060,40.7128,0. first go to north by 10000 meters, second make a 90 degree turn and then go east by 10000 meters. Then from there go directly to this point(pittsburgh): -76.1474,42.4420,0. Generate a kml file and only include coordinates in each transection”.

Though chatGPT web services work in this case, I would prefer it process more precise location info, like some building’s name instead of city. So, I was wondering if there is any plugin for real time Maps that I add to chat GPT in order for it to access some precise real time geolocation.

In addition, there are multiple options of models to choose, is there any one specific model preferred in doing such a task?

Thank you guys in advance.